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Hoyee Eyes Smart Glasses - A Complete Guide

This is our complete guide for Hoyee Eyes Smart Glasses.

In this guide, I'll introduce

  • Our latest upgrade for speakers (ready to get surprised how good they become)
  • A new version of our smart glasses
  • A discount offer for Hoyee Eyes Womens Smart Glasses (and why this decision)
  • A new branch of Hoyee Eyes smart glasses and how is it different
  • Why we don't use bone conduction speakers (and why bone conduction glasses don't work for you)
  • Hoyee Eyes prescription smart glasses

Without further ado, let's get started.

Latest Hoyee Eyes Upgrades

Hoyee Eyes Smart Glasses' development team is always listening to your opinions. Your feedback is valuable as we continue to improve the glasses' quality.

In the past year, we've had 2 minor upgrades for our glasses in the aspects of hinge durability, sound leakage and phone call noise canceling. Although we've been making some small upgrades towards the sound audio (mostly firmware updates), the result is not quite as expected.

This time, it's different. We've completely changed the audio chipset embedded in the arms. These newly embedded audio chips make a huge difference, specifically in these 3 aspects:

  • sound volume
  • audio quality
  • audio receiving

Allow me to specify these.

Sound volume
Previously, we received some messages asking if there could be more volume. We admitted that with the same chip, the fix from firmware upgrade was limited. But with the new chips, we can confidently say, you don't need to worry about sound volume, even in noisy streets.

Outdoor activities are now very much compatible with our glasses, whether you are jogging, driving or biking.

Audio quality
Audio quality with the new solution is also improved significantly. It's now purer, clearer than ever.

We can now proudly assure you that Hoyee Eyes smart glasses now have better audio than 90% of the smart glasses. The rest 10%? You can tell us:)

Audio receiving
Do you hate it when people on the other side of the phone call can't hear you clearly and you have to say the word like you are screaming?

The upgraded chip also helps with that (to some extent). With the new machine learning algorithms, you can now talk on the phone or interact with your smart voice assistant like talking to yourself, with a very mild voice.

This is what we are still adjusting and debugging but in time, you'll experience this new interaction style, with more privacy, both for you and others.

A new version of Hoyee Eyes Smart Glasses

Hoyee Eyes Frost

hoyee eyes frost smart glasses

From work to weekend, Frost is ideal for any occasion. With the classic square shape and silver finish, they will be the perfect low profile smart eyewear for you.

Frost also comes with a pair of premium quality blue light blocking lenses. If you need prescription lenses, or other sunglasses lenses, you can easily change them at any optical store or shop the lenses directly in our store. We'll have them pre-installed so you could use them from day one.

A discount for Hoyee Eyes Womens Smart Glasses

It's a pity that our women style smart glasses didn't sell as well as unisex / mens smart glasses in 2020.

hoyee eyes smart glasses for women

The womens models look really nice and stylish. Part of the reasons might be that smart eyewear tends to attract men more than women.

If so, send these smart glasses as a gift to your love, I'm sure she'll love them.

All women models come with the same upgraded chipsets, same audio quality and same comfortable experience.

Even better, if you send these womens smart glasses as a gift for her, use code: FORMYLOVE to directly get 16% off.

Eligible models are Galaxia, Emma, Monarch Dark/Ruby.

Note that Galaxia and Emma, due to the special flat lens design, are not compatible with replaceable lenses.

New series

Introducing Hoyee Eyes Smart Plus Series

hoyee eyes pearl plus

(Hoyee Eyes Pearl Plus)

Hoyee Eyes Smart Plus Series come with the feature that's been asked a lot: physical buttons and the ability to control sound volume directly on the glasses.

No need to reach for your smart phone when you want to adjust the volume so you could hear better. Just tap on the glasses' integrated button to easily do it.

What's more, plus series are IP67 certified and support up to 6 hours of play time.

This upgrade comes with a little price though. The physical button and extended play time, together with the IP67 technique caused the arm to be a little thicker than the original arms, thus more weight.

Still, we offer these glasses so you have more choices to suit your need.

hoyee eyes nova plus smart glasses







Shop Nova Plus

hoyee eyes pearl plus smart glasses
Shop Pearl Plus

hoyee eyes rosy plus smart glasses

Shop Rosy Plus

Why we don't use bone conduction speakers

We've been asked a couple of times what's the difference between our smart glasses and bone conduction glasses. It's not that we don't like this bone conduction technology but that for most of the user cases, we don't need it.

Below are 3 main reasons why bone conduction glasses are not an option for us.

  • Bone conduction is one of the hearing aid solutions, at the cost of sound quality. If you don't use bone conduction for hearing aid, then directional speakers (which Hoyee Eyes adopts) are your better choice
  • Directional speakers provide significantly better audio quality
  • For thinner arm design and more lightweight. Bone conduction speakers generally takes more energy to power, hence larger battery size is required to maintain the same playing time.

It's true that bone conduction glasses generally have less sound leakage.

But directional speakers, if designed right, could also have the same level of sound leakage (if not better) as bone conduction speakers, as we have done in Hoyee Eyes Smart Glasses.

We put audio quality and comfortability first, but we are also testing and improving the sound leakage.

By applying specially optimized sound channels and directional speaker design, Hoyee Eyes Smart Glasses reduce 76% of the sound leakage in mid to low volume range (data tested in laboratories).

Smart Glasses with prescription lenses

Whether you'd like sunglasses lens or blue light blocking lens, or photochromic lens, we all have the corresponding prescription lenses for you.

Introducing Hoyee Eyes Official Prescription Service.
Whether you buy our glasses on Amazon or in our official store, we'll offer prescription lenses.

As a bonus for buying our prescription smart glasses, we offer the lenses at prime cost, which means we almost make no profit from the prescription lenses. That's why our pricing for prescription lenses is so low.

Now over to you. What do you think of our glasses or any suggestions? Feel free to drop us a message.

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